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NosByte is on summer break!
Hello NosByte Community!

We've decided to go into some kind of Summer Break. That means, we are going to close Server for like 8-12 Weeks approximately. In that time though we aren't actually going to take a break, but rather focus on working even harder. We are aware of the fact that the last months have been kind of a let down, starting with the long delay on a7 release up until today where crucial things still haven't been targeted and worked on by us, even though we should have a long time ago.
Since our initial idea for a7 was to make it challenging but not as hard as it turned out in the end.
We will probably end up turning it down even more and put more emphasis on fun and making the time you spend in the game feel a lot more rewarding again.
But rest assured we are NOT going to wipe the server another time. You are going to keep all your progress, none of your money spent will just vanish. Everything is going to wait here for you, ready to go, once we are back live.
So stay tuned for more Information that is planned to be shared on a regular basis on our Discord to keep you guys updated. There's going to be updates on current content but also a whole lot new content coming your way!
With that being said, hope you all are going to have a great Summer - and don't worry. NosByte is going to come back. Better than ever.

Your NosByte Team