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Hello NosByte We're super excited to announce our early game rework!

Since many new people are struggling to get out of the “early game” of NosByte, we decided to take action and make sure every new player has an equal chance to become a strong adventurer on NosByte!

You now receive high exp boosting accessories, high damaging equipment pre-shelled and pre- upgraded.

You also receive a stronger Pet and a lot of important blessings, potions and general items!

This will for sure will get you to Act 8 and allows you to prepare yourself together with others for Act 9!

Hop on your adventure on NosByte!
NosByte: Easter Event
Get Ready for Easter Fun! 🐰

Hello NosByte We're super excited to announce our Easter season event!
Dive into the festivities with new content and the thrilling Lola Lopears raid.

During this special event, hunt for unique items, including exclusive partners and pets, available for a limited time only!

Plus, check out our new weapon skin for all classes, perfectly matching your Easter outfit!

Head over to our wiki for event details and rewards: Easter Wiki

Let's make this Easter egg-straordinary! 🌟
NosByte New Dawn

Hello NosByte!

It's been very quiet around NosByte since New Dawn finished. But we can say one thing: We are back on track with and want to provide updates and content more frequent so you can keep up the grind!

Before adding Act 9 we wanted to introduce you to a NosByte exclusive feature: Dragon Rush!

Participate in a hard challenge and hunt down waves of monsters for exclusive rewards and augment your specialist cards with the Dragon Gem!

Best regards,
The NosByte Team

NosByte New Dawn

Hello NosByte!

We can't wait to see all of you on NosByte New Dawn on the 1st of October! We have good news: You can already visit the new website exclusively made for New Dawn and register your accounts. We also will provide you with more information soon about the download process and how to join the server, so you will be good to go!

In the meanwhile, make sure to check out our wiki so you won't have open questions when you start your fresh adventure on the new server!

You can register here: NosByte: New Dawn!

Best regards,
The NosByte Team


Launch Date: October 1, 2023

Welcome to NosByte New Dawn!

Prepare to embark on a thrilling journey in the world of NosByte New Dawn—a realm crafted for both new players and seasoned heroes! We've taken great care to provide a fresh and balanced start.

Starting Fresh: NosByte New Dawn offers a clean slate, ensuring a fair and equal beginning for all.

Enhanced Early Game: Experience an engaging early-game adventure designed to prepare you for epic challenges. Starter Pack, to ensure the best start possible on your journey of becoming the best! Permanently active events, like double XP, doubled drops, increased upgrade chances (e.g. sp upgrade or perfection or equipment upgrading). Temporary events like double raid box events!

Server Merge: After three months of exhilarating adventures, this server will seamlessly merge with the main NosByte world, preserving your progress. (30th of December)

Community: Join a friendly community of fellow adventurers, all eager to explore the vast world of NosByte.

Exclusive rewards for achieving certain goals while playing the game (e.g. first C50, most won Rainbow Battles, most kills in Glacernon, most amount of completed raids, highest reputation.. etc.)

Server will start with Act 6.2 for a month, then we will move to Act 7 and after another month we will move to Act 8 which will last until the server merge, but before the servers are merged you will be able to participate on a massive PvP event!

Spread the Word!

Share this thrilling news with your friends, guildmates, and anyone in search of an extraordinary adventure. NosByte New Dawn promises a unique experience, and we want you to be part of it from the very beginning.

Prepare to become a legend! See you on October 1, 2023, in NosByte New Dawn.

Best regards,
The NosByte Team :nosbyte: