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NosByte: New Dawn is returning!
Hello NosByte!

We have amazing news! NosByte: New Dawn is coming back! The last launch of New Dawn was more than successful and it helped us improve the gameplay even more! A lot has changed since New Dawn was released in 2023 and we are more than excited to see you guys try it out on a fresh new adventure on NosByte!

NosByte: New Dawn will launch on the 1st of June 2024 and will be online for one and a half months (until the 15th of July) before being merged with the Legacy Server once again!

But this time there will be no limitations! All features will be fully accessible from the beginning to ensure a fluent and amazing adventure on NosByte while becoming the best!

You can expect:
- A fresh start where everybody can enjoy a clean and fair adventure!
- Permenant and Periodic Events (Double EXP, Double Upgrading Chance, Double Entries, Double Raidboxes and more!)
- Summer Exclusive Events with new raids and exclusive titles, pets, partners and more!
- A fully re-balanced early game with incredible rewards just by playing! You won't have any problems getting out of the early game anymore!
- A friendly and welcoming community which can't wait to join you on your new journey!
- Exclusive rewards after merge for playing and achieving stuff on New Dawn!
- A lot of fun and entertainment!

And that's not all! So make sure you don't miss out and follow our Discord to not miss any news and information about New Dawn!

We can't wait to see you guys back on NosByte: New Dawn, so mark your calendars for the 1st of June 2024!

Best regards,
Your NosByte Team
Hello NosByte We're super excited to announce our early game rework!

Since many new people are struggling to get out of the “early game” of NosByte, we decided to take action and make sure every new player has an equal chance to become a strong adventurer on NosByte!

You now receive high exp boosting accessories, high damaging equipment pre-shelled and pre- upgraded.

You also receive a stronger Pet and a lot of important blessings, potions and general items!

This will for sure will get you to Act 8 and allows you to prepare yourself together with others for Act 9!

Hop on your adventure on NosByte!